Dubai in 24 hours

For the final part of our journey we decided to extend our layover in Dubai to about 24 hours as an excuse to hang out with Amanda’s family friend and business partner Bijoy and his sister Bianca.  We realized we have a lot to learn from Bijoy’s family when it comes to hospitality – they were the most generous and gracious hosts we could have ever imagined.  From putting us up in “the world’s most luxurious hotel in the world,” the Burj Al Arab, to personally taking us to all the top spots around town, it was an experience like no other for us.  It was sort of the cherry on top of an incredible journey that we have been on together for the past six months.  Thank you Bijoy and Bianca, and thank you to all of our faithful followers who have been on this journey with us through our blog.

On the beach with the Burj Al Arab in the background

In front of the Burj Al Arab

Looking up from the lobby at the Burj Al Arab

Looking across from our room inside the hotel

Our hotel room

Our hotel room continued

Still our hotel room

Yup, still our hotel room

And again, our hotel room

The bathroom

Another part of our hotel room

You get the idea

A tour around the surrounding hotels

The water park across from the  Burj Al Arab

Bijoy picking us up at our hotel

The Atlantis Hotel

Lunch at the Atlantis Hotel

The aquarium at the Atlantis

The Mall of the Emirates

Skiing at the Mall of the Emirates

Drinking hot chocolate halfway down the ski slope

In front of the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world

In front of AT.MOSPHERE, the tallest restaurant in the world

Spotted – 2007 Joseph Phelps Insignia!

Enjoying drinks and dinner at AT.MOSPHERE on the 122nd floor



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5 responses to “Dubai in 24 hours

  1. WOW. Amazing. What a fun trip! Who’s this other couple with y’all? Maybe you explained in another post and I missed it. LOVE this pics!

  2. Maryann Watson

    OMGosh! I thought these places were only in the movies! What a fantastic way to end your journey.

    • Marcia Scharfen

      wow I have heard about these places but I can’t believe they really exist! What a great journey…….a lifetime experience………
      Congratualtions on a great trip!

  3. We went up 73 floors yesterday in Seattle and that was too much. You two are ballers. Can’t wait to talk to you Friday!!

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