The Wild Coast

Last week we took a week off with Red and the Christian Surfers interns to visit Coffee Bay in Transkei. It’s about a twelve hour drive through the “Wild Coast” from Jeffrey’s Bay. This part of South Africa is regarded as “real Africa” compared to the other parts we have visited so far – people still live in tiny villages run by chiefs and they mostly make a living by fishing or farming. The water was about 78 degrees, so even Amanda caught a few waves despite multiple rumors that it was very sharky! From surfing and doing art with the local kids to hiking to “Hole in the Wall,” we had an incredible time in this wild place.

*to watch video footage you must visit the blog itself



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6 responses to “The Wild Coast

  1. Cows on the beach! What a sight. Beautiful cliffs!

  2. pieter

    Never knew you are still in SA. Pieter from Oak Valley

  3. God, that’s a beautiful place. The blue water and the gentle hills!

  4. Marcia Scharfen

    What a beautiful place. As you said, this is the real Africa, the part we usually don’t see. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Love your latest photos! Excited to see you two soon and hear more about your time in South Africa!!

    Kirby & Ian

  6. Tracey McKee

    Yes, never imagined cows on the beach. What an incredible adventure you are having. Really look forward to seeing you soon.
    Love you,
    Tracey McKee

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