A typical week in J Bay

*to watch video footage you must visit the blog itself

Now that we are in J Bay we are finally getting back on a regular schedule, helping Red and Vanessa with their Aleph Surfing ministry. Monday through Friday I help Red teach a life lesson to a group of kids and then takes them surfing. Amanda teaches the same kids art lessons and relates them to the bible through a brand new program they are calling Aleph Creatives. It has been such a blessing working with and getting to know the kids so far.

Last weekend Christian Surfers Africa held their annual conference here in J Bay and Aleph organized an afternoon of surfing and art with the community. Amanda put together a video recapping that lekker day! God is doing big things here with Aleph in South Africa and we are stoked to be a part of it.



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4 responses to “A typical week in J Bay

  1. Marcia Scharfen

    WOW, I don’t know who was having more fun……the surfers or the dancers!
    Continue the spirit!!!

  2. Yessss. This reminds me of when I went to Uganda. Love it!!! Those kids are too cute. And that board looks amazing. Great work!

  3. Larry Ray

    I love this!! so cool.

  4. Vanessa van Zyl

    AHHHHHH the video of the Themba girlies made me cry!!! Your doing such an amazing job with them!! With all he groups! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING YOU GUYS ARE….Thank you for your hearts for these kids, for the LORD, HIS kingdom, and being our hugest support physically and mentally right now..haha…its TRUE. You guys have been such a gift from GOD. ❤ V & R

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