Pecking around the bundus

We were so honored to have Amanda’s parents come all the way from California to visit us for twelve action-packed days in South Africa and Botswana.   We couldn’t have had a better time together.  Below are some of the highlights from our African adventure.

Our first rental car broke down on the side of the freeway, 45 minutes from the airport

Lunch at Fresh at Paul Cluver, with the Pecks’ first taste of Paul Cluver Gewurztraminer

Wine tasting at Delaire Graff in Stellenbosch

Dinner at La Colombe with Paul Cluver, enjoying a magnum of 2006 Phelps Insignia that the Pecks brought all the way from home

On safari at Singita Ebony Lodge in Sabi Sands

Sundowners in the bush.  Just before sunset, a couple rhinos walked by us, about 100 feet away

Our tracker George packing some heat as he took us on a walk through the bush

Riding bikes through the bush was a highlight – we saw three of the big five, and without the protection of the Land Rover

We had a one day/night layover in “Jo Burg” and went into the city to visit the Apartheid Museum

Riding traditional Mokoros in the Okavango Delta at Jao Camp in Botswana

This delta is bone dry half of the year and gets flooded like this the other half, and the plants and animals have learned to survive in both seasons

A picnic in the bush, surrounded by baboons on all sides

Things got silly at night at the all-inclusive Jao Camp

A sneaky croc

There are  no fences at Jao Camp, so this guy paid us a visit first thing in the morning on our last day.  We both touched him… shhhh don’t tell Johnny!

Cage diving with Great White Sharks, a couple hours outside of Cape Town

You can see “Danger Point” in the background.  We later went on to dive in “Shark Alley.”  Very creative names.

An early-morning hike up Lion’s Head on the Pecks’ last day in Cape Town

An adrenaline-filled ride on the Huey Helicopter – the only helicopter ride in the world without doors that is open to the public

Lunch at The Waterfront in Cape Town

Visiting the kids at Bridges of Hope, where our trip began four months ago



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5 responses to “Pecking around the bundus

  1. I’m not sure you could pack more coolness into one post. Touching an elephant, bike rides through the wilderness, a magnum of some pretty awesome wine, a helicopter ride…shoot! Sounds like a good time 🙂 Eric and I are going on a cruise to Alaska in July. You inspired me to get a little more adventurous!

  2. peytonpeck

    We must have missed SOMETHING! Thanks for capturing the moments! We love you so much….

  3. Marcia Scharfen

    Oh my gosh, I have enjoyed all of your adventures, but this one looks like the most fun! How fun for all of you!! Thanks again for sharing your great experiences

  4. When are you guys coming home????? miss you

  5. Josie McLemore

    Wow! Great pictures! It looks like is was a visit of a lifetime for everyone! SO happy for you, Amanda!

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