fig tarts

Amanda here. Liesl is one of the Cluver daughters and we have recently become BFFs. She is sparkly, pregnant, loves puzzles and is always barefoot. She invited us over for dinner the other night and put me in charge of dessert (or “desert” with a South African accent). They live on the wine farm right across from the most beautiful garden. We wandered across to search for inspiration. We spotted the fig trees and Liesl insisted we experiment with them. So here goes an attempt to yet another baking extravaganza – Africa style (no recipe).

Liesl (far right) at her baby shower last weekend (her mother Mrs. Cluver in the middle and Alex Cluver Paul Jr.’s new wife on the far left)

The garden (tomatoes in foreground, herbs infront and they recently replanted the lettuce)


in season – yum!

so ripe

phyllo pastry sheets

cut in quarters

spread on melted butter in between each layer (2-4 layers)

place one fig inside the layers of pastry paper and drizzle with honey and lavender

bake until golden (8-10 minutes)

dig in!

***To be honest these didn’t really turn out as I had hoped. Ask Will. If I try this again I will probably only use only a couple layers of the pastry sheets, extra honey and serve it over vanilla ice cream. Oh well. Next time!



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3 responses to “fig tarts

  1. You are making me sooooo hungry Amanda! looks great! But, the garden
    is my fav thing. xo

  2. I am so proud of you for experimenting Sister! They sure looked gorgeous!

    Can we play in the garden in June?????? Actually, if I see that garden I might never be able to leave… 🙂

  3. You sound like me! They look so pretty though 🙂 I love that you’re trying new things, and I imagine it’s nice to throw in some activities like this while working the harvest! I’d eat one or two 🙂

    Nook & Sea

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