Paul Cluver – the lay of the land

*to watch video footage you must visit the blog itself

Here is a quick tour of where we are living for the next couple of months…



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6 responses to “Paul Cluver – the lay of the land

  1. papa & joy

    great stuff – kep it coming. Looks like you will be comfortable, and we hope the long work day will not be tood tiring. How is your food? And how do you get around? This really shows us what you are doing, and it’s great for us to see. Love, Joy and Papa;

    • Thanks for your reply! The food is great – totally normal. They provide lunch every day and dinner if we work late. There aren’t too many restaurants in our area but occasionally we get rides into town to eat out. The only way we get around is if some of the other workers or our friend Kezia give us a ride. We also have bicycles to ride around the property, which is gigantic – 6,000 acres!! How are you two doing? Feel free to email Love you guys. A and W

  2. Will and Amanda, love your “vimeo”! (what language is that?) Glad to see all the chairs are perfect for little Halfpint! Looks like a beautiful spot. Thanks for sharing! Love, mod

  3. Courtney Dudley

    Amanda and Will – what an amazing experience! I loved the tour of your home – you guys are hilarious! The property is just beautiful — what a beautiful, simple life. we love you guys!

  4. jean boak

    Hi Will and Amanda,
    I am following you around and wow what great pictures and you cannot seem to get away from the wine country. I love all that you are doing and thought about Amanda on the 8th alllllll dayyyy looonnnnnggg. Happy Birthday 2-U. Know you had a great birthday and skyped too. I am watching Ben and his wine country scenes each week. Heard Allie knows Ben. How funny. Take care and be safe, and love the pictures and hearing all the great things you are doing. jean, jim and hayley jo

  5. I loved Will’s curtain demonstration…and how you pushed your beds together. =)

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