Game Drive

*to watch video footage you must visit the blog itself

We set out early for the game drive at Aquila Private Game Reserve on our last full day with the group. The first part of the drive was on their 7,000 hectare property, where we got to see water buffalo, elephants, springbok, zebras, rhinos, and hippos. Then we checked out the lions, cheetahs, warthogs, and crocodiles in the enclosed viewing area – watch for our close encounter with the male lion!!



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5 responses to “Game Drive

  1. Beautiful animals. And aren’t you lucky to be there in that gorgeous country! xo

  2. Oh my gosh, Will and his double-champagnes, love it! I would have pooped my pants at the end, fyi. Even if the lion was sitting behind a fence! So awesome that you guys got to have a fun break!

  3. Marcia Scharfen

    What a great game drive! Awesome photos
    thanks for sharing
    Marcia and Bill

  4. Mr. Lion doesn’t like kitties! Miss you!!!

  5. Kelsey Lawrence

    Phelps!!!! Miss u guys! Praying for u!! How is AFRICA!? I been following your blog and live what u have been sharing! My favorite part of that last video was the lion snarle!! Hahah too funny! Well I hope this trip is more than u imagined it to be! I have been praying for blessings and generosity upon you both. I pray for protection and for peace that both of u will become closer through this and learn something about yourselves u didn’t know before. I will Skype u soon! I wanted to wait till u guys were settled in and I know u must receive a lot of Skype calls from home so when is the best time to Skype u? And what’s the time difference, 10 hours? Iiss u dearly u are so blessed to have this opportunity and I wish and pray for your safety and abundant joy! Love u! Kelsey

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