we made it!

It is Friday evening and we finally found a free minute to post some videos and pics from our time running an end-of-summer camp for the students at Bridges Academy. Our team of 13 from Rock Harbor is in charge of both teaching and supervising over 50 orphans. Our days start around 7am and don’t end till 11pm or midnight; needless to say we are mentally and physically exhausted. Although we are being stretched, we have found so much joy in working with these incredible children. We have both been able to form some special relationships, and although we are here to teach them, I think they have taught us at least as much as we have taught them.

the team at the airport

Will teaching a class on manners

playing soccer

the mountains surrounding Bridges

devotion time

our view

teaching 7th and 8th graders

free time with the kids

watercolor pencil art craft

my 10th grade devotional girls



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15 responses to “we made it!

  1. Alex

    What an incredible experience you’re having… Such a treat to see the videos!

  2. Kelsey

    Wow, looks like you are having such amazing and meaningful adventures! Can’t wait to see more updates soon. Lots of love,

  3. al manfre

    It is great to see the future of are county will be run by young adults like you. You show do a Tebow and post it, God bless you, Al

  4. Emily

    So good to see you guys having such a great time – and KILLING ME to see all the pics of the kids (killing me in a good way). You guys have been on my mind, as I think of all the wonderfulness ahead of you over the next six months…..enjoy falling in love with the people and places of South Africa! Looking forward to more updates – you’re in my prayers!!

    🙂 Emily

  5. Oh my gosh it’s so windy! Incredible scenery. Not too shabby 🙂 So glad you guys made it safe and sound, and I smiled all the way through your videos. Love you guys too much and we are thrilled to be able to follow your journey online! Will be praying for you as always!!

    Kristina Gulino

  6. Looks like you and Will are doing a great job. It looks exhausting though!

    p.s. Keep it up!!

  7. We are so happy to see that you guys arrived safely. We can already see God working through you guys, so excited for this. Our prayers are with you always! xoxo

    Love you,

    Kevin and Maria!

  8. Jill

    Amazing! I want to be at that bonfire! Keep going strong 🙂
    All the best –

  9. Thanks so much for posting these! Will – the second video where you are dancing around the fire reminds me of a scene from our favorite movie Camp Nowhere! Keep up the good work. I miss you guys and am very proud of you!


  10. Love the photos and video…I feel like I am there with you! xo mod

  11. Lisa Determan

    What an amazing experience for you guys! Be safe and have fun. You are such wonderful role models 🙂 xoxo

  12. Courtney Dudley

    love your video posts and the pictures are amazing. You two are awesome – love you guys and praying for you!!

  13. Kalee

    I looove the pictures!!! It looks like you all are having such a great time! You both are daily in my thoughts and prayers:) Love you much!!

  14. Bob and Patti Truitt

    Will and Amanda,
    What a joy it is for us to share in this journey with you and your team. South Africa is an awesome place and you are tasting the “real” heart of a special part of God’s creation, the people. The impact you are having will be eternal and someday, when you get to heaven, some of those kids will be there or arrive to say, Thank You.
    God bless and we love you lots,
    Patti and Bob

  15. so excited for you guys, looks like an amazing trip!

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